Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cool Band Pictures!

Here are some cool band pictures. 

Here is Kyra holding a trumpet. 

Here is a really good picture of Bree. 

Jazz band on the way to Christmas gig.

Dalton. (Sorry it's dark)

What an audience!

The brass section. 



Oh boy! Those hats! And that face!

Our second gig. 

Me, Bree, and Kris! 

I hope you enjoyed these!

Sincerely. Your Friend,

Cristian Mendoza (The Webmaster) 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday at jazz (11/24/15).

Hey guys!!  today was a great day! 

Trumpet section at work. 

Will instructing jazz for today. It was really fun! 

Dalton's enjoying it. 

Hey there Kyra (in the back). 

Brandon on the vibes!   

Will teaching us the circle of 5ths. This was mind blowing!! 😱

This was a short post. Sorry. God bless!  See y'all later!  

Sincerely. Your Dear Friend & Brother In Christ, 

Cristian Mendoza  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Night Rehearsal For Concert Season (11/17/15).

Greetings fellow band people! And other people. Tonight was one of our first Tuesday night rehearsals for concert season! 

Whoa! Hey there Dalton!!

That's not as bad. Lol

Waiting for Mr. marquez to come and unlock the band room for jazz band...

This picture isn't that bad (of Christian). It actually is one of the best ones in this post! Keep reading to see why...

The sun is starting to set!

Dalton giving Christian to Mr. marquez as a gift. I still don't understand...

Dalton decided to sit on a recycle bin and...

Give counseling lessons to Christian

When you give a band member food from McDonalds...

... This is what happens! 

The sunset is getting even more pretty as time passes. 

Dalton and Christian chasing the sun (supposedly). 

There he is!

Here is Dalton lying down after hopping the fence. He wasn't actually hurt, he was acting. Lol. 

Here is a panoramic shot of the sunset. Isn't it gorgeous?! Gods creation is indeed beautiful!

Can you see the moon in this picture?

There it goes. It is so pretty. I know I've said that a lot already. 

Happy birthday Mr. Marquez!!

Concert season is a GO in the trumpet section!

How do you like the music sheet picture? Cool right?!

Here is Mr. Marquez's birthday cake!! Great job tonight! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! God bless you all!

Sincerely. Your Dear Friend & Brother In Christ, 

Cristian Mendoza (The Webmaster)

My Last Competition. (11/14/15)

Today started out with us singing Happy Birthday to Holly! Happy birthday!

She looks so excited. 

Hey there everyone! Bree was hiding. She doesn't like it when I get pictures of her. Kyra used to be the same way. Lol. 

We've arrived! Everyone's getting dressed, while equipment crew unloads equipment. 

My moms car broke down, and she had to rent this car. It's cool. But the fact that her car broke down made my day worse than it already was. 

We played ninja. This is embarrassing. I would've gone to see jazz bands, etc. but I didn't want to get more depressed. Kris felt the same way. Even if I would've gone, the one person I wanted to go with went with Justin instead. So anyways... Enough of the gibberish...

After competition, we watched the other bands. It was awesome. 

There are a lot of people. 

Nice formations. 

They had violins!!!!

Everyone trying to get warm. 

Several people dancing to music I don't like. 

I'll miss you guys so much. But I'm not sure it will be vice versa. God bless you all!

Sincerely, Your Dear Friend & Brother In Christ, 

Cristian Mendoza (The Webmaster). 

Our Last Marching Band Rehearsal (11/13/15)

Hey guys!! Last marching band rehearsal tonight!!

Here comes the sun!! ;)

That's a big sandwich. 

Everyone is hanging out before rehearsal. 

Isn't this pretty?! I apologize for not taking more pictures, but it's hard to at times. Anyways... See you all bright and early tomorrow!

God Bless you! 

Sincerely. Your Dear Friend & Brother In Christ, 

Cristian Mendoza (The Webmaster)